So you bought your first house. Now what?

Personal Finance

Right after you get done choosing paint colors, it’s important to ensure the rest of your financial house is in order. We’ve developed a checklist for young professionals to utilize...

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Your First Meeting with a Financial Advisor and Why You Don’t Have to Clean Your House to Hire a House Cleaner!

Financial Wellness

As the marketing director for both BerganKDV and Lifewise, my professional life stays pretty busy. And, as a mom to a one and a two year old, my personal life...

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Five Things to Think About When Welcoming Your First Child

Your Life

One fun side effect of having a team that skews on the younger side is the fact that there has been a serious baby boom in recent years here at...

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Behind the Scenes of Lifewise – Meet Matt Cosgriff

Lifewise News

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Financial Advisor and intrapreneur, Matt Cosgriff, and discuss music, financial advice and what inspired him to spend a ton of energy...

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