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Your First Meeting with a Financial Advisor and Why You Don’t Have to Clean Your House to Hire a House Cleaner!

Financial Wellness

As the marketing director for both BerganKDV and Lifewise, my professional life stays pretty busy. And, as a mom to a one and a two year old, my personal life...

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Active Decisions in a Passive Investing World

Investment Guidance

The movement to low-cost, passive investing is real, as evidenced by the billions of assets flowing from funds attempting to actively beat their benchmark, to those vehicles that recognize the...

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Top Personal Finance Resources for Young Professionals

Personal Finance

When it comes to young professionals, there is usually one way to describe their lives—busy. Which is why finding efficient ways to improve how young professionals manage their finances is...

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Four Investment Myths Revealed

Investment Guidance

Investment Myth: The Secret to Being a Great Investor is Intelligence & Hard Work Wall Street, the media and Hollywood have done a masterful job convincing young professionals and investors...

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Jumpstart Your Finances as a Young Professional in 2017

Personal Finance

According to a 2014 Charles Schwab survey, the average American spends more time planning their next vacation and researching their next auto purchase than they do managing their personal finances....

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An Overview of Trump and the GOP’s Tax Proposals Impact on Young Professionals

Tax Expertise

Politics aside many young professionals across America are wondering how a Trump presidency will impact their everyday lives, especially when it comes to their finances and more specifically their taxes....

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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need as a Young Professional?

Insurance Insights

One of the most common questions we hear from the young professionals we work with is “how much life insurance do I need as a young professional?” This question and...

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