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Behind the Scenes of Lifewise – Meet Matt Cosgriff

Lifewise News

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Financial Advisor and intrapreneur, Matt Cosgriff, and discuss music, financial advice and what inspired him to spend a ton of energy...

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Top Four Takeaway from the 2016 XY Planning Network Conference

Lifewise News

I was honored to speak at the recent XY Planning Network Conference in San Diego, California. And, I thought I’d share my top four takeaways with you fine people of...

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Financial Advice Options for Young Professionals – Traditional Financial Advisor

Personal Finance

Today’s blog is the second in a series on the financial advice options for young professionals. Many young professionals reading today’s blog may have parents working with a financial advisor....

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Financial Advice Options for Young Professionals – Insurance Agents

Insurance Insights

Many young professionals are looking for financial advice when it comes to tackling many of the financial challenges they face in today’s increasingly complex world. As life becomes ever more real...

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What to Do With Your Old 401(k)?

Investment Guidance

Job changes are increasingly relevant to today’s young professionals, and with them comes the inevitable decision around what to do with your old 401(k). Do you leave it in your old...

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Corporate Financial Wellness Best Practices

Financial Wellness

Corporate financial wellness and financial literacy programs are becoming increasingly popular with employers across the country as they fight for top talent in a tight labor market and as American’s...

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Which Health Insurance Plan is Best for Your Family

Insurance Insights

Today, we are thrilled to have guest blogger, Allison Kraus, a health insurance guru and owner of Shoreline Insurance Group, talking about some of the critical steps young professional couples can take when looking to...

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