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With the Lifewise eMoney dashboard, you can get a snapshot of your financial picture. Track account balances and spending, monitor investments, create a budget and more!

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Lifewise eMoney Dashboard

Pull all of your accounts — 401(k), checking, savings, credit cards and more — into one, consolidated view for a complete picture of your finances, updated in real time.


Gain valuable insights into your finances when it’s all organized in one place.


Enjoy on-demand financial planning workshops at your leisure when you need a little guidance.

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Videos, articles and other learning resources are at your fingertips in our extensive online library.


Monitor bank accounts and credit cards for an accurate look at your spending habits.


Keep track of all the assets in your portfolio and monitor the value of each over the lifetime of your investments.


Security and Alerts


Tired of receiving countless paper statements? Store all your personal and financial documents in this secure digital filing system.


Sign up for email and mobile alerts to keep your finances top of mind.

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Get a complete view of your financial information from the palm of your hand.


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