Lifewise Plan Involves 4 Key Steps

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1. Get to Know Each Other

We want to get to know you, not your bank account. Come prepared to talk about what you’re hoping to get out of life and how you'd like us to help.

2. Defining the Perfect Life

Either in person or online we’ll dive deep into what’s important to you by helping to clarify your perfect life and by working to define your values.

3. Interactive Planning

Once we’ve developed a plan for achieving your perfect life, we’ll work through each aspect of your finances collaboratively and with your input.

4. Ongoing Support

We don’t stop once the plan is built, instead we will work collaboratively with you on an ongoing basis to ensure you’re progressing in the right direction.


Why Lifewise Plan?

We’ve combined all the best features into one solution:

Certified Financial Planner

Your very own Certified Financial Planner will work to help you clarify your goals in life, organize your financial life, and create a clear plan to help you achieve those goals, both now and well into the future.

Objective Ongoing Advice

Up-front, transparent pricing and a monthly subscription model for ongoing advice help eliminate conflicts of interest to ensure that objective advice is always at the center.

Effortless Client Experience

The entire client experience with Lifewise is designed to make powerful financial planning effortless for those motivated and successful young professionals who lack the time to tackle their finances themselves.

Young Professional Focus

Our team of Certified Financial Planners is focused and passionate about helping young professionals tackle their financial challenges, because they are wrestling with many of the same hurdles as you.

Ongoing Advice

With Lifewise Plan we look forward to not just planning up-front, but planning ongoing. Your life changes and we recognize the importance of meeting throughout the year to ensure that you are continuing to progress towards your goals, as well as being there to help when life changes.

Questions? Contact us. We’re here to help.


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